bmi: 78.92 kg 178.4 cm

Metric Body Mass Index Calculator

bmi: 78.92 kg 178.4 cm

If you want to know whether you're a healthy weight for your height, try our BMI calculator. It's recommended for adults

This BMI checker is quick and simple and is tailored for adult men and women.

BMI Prime, a simple modification of the BMI system, is the ratio of actual BMI to upper limit BMI (currently defined at BMI 25). As defined, BMI Prime is also the ratio of body weight to upper body weight limit, calculated at BMI 25. Since it is the ratio of two separate BMI values, BMI Prime is a dimensionless number, without associated units. Individuals with BMI Prime less than 0.74 are underweight. Those between 0.74 and 1.00 have optimal weight. Those at 1.00 or greater are overweight.

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